Photo Gallery

extension pole, sponge cleaning ceiling

San Jose Soot Removal

There is no visible soot remaining on the walls and ceiling of this San Jose home. Why? Our SERVPRO technician is using the special dry sponge (in the Photo) to wipe away the dry film with smearing. No need to repaint; we just eliminate the smoke odor with a hydroxyl generator.

storage area with dry concrete floor, equipment and support columns

Water Removal in San Jose

There is no hint of water covering this concrete floor in a San Jose storage area, just a day after a large water spillage from a pipe. SERVPRO works hard and fast to make it "Like it never even happened."

rectangular plastic containment area in a warehouse

San Jose Mold Containment

This warehouse in San Jose had a mold infestation in a small area. To protect the interior products and equipment during the remediation and removal of the mold growth, our SERVPRO crew set up a small containment barrier, as shown in the Photo.

snout air mover drying lobby in building, double doors

San Jose Water Restoration

The broken restroom plumbing leaked water into the lobby of this medical center in San Jose. Our quick SERVPRO response prevented any water damage that would result in demolition or build back. "Like it never even happened."

mold and water stains on ceiling

Stormwater Intrusion in San Jose

The storm punched a hole in the roof where rainwater drenched the insulation and wicked into the ceiling and wall sheetrock. Mold can grow within days if the soaked materials are not quickly dried out. Call SERVPRO for that swift service.

burnt walls in garage made of wood

San Jose Charred and Damaged Garage

All of the charred building materials in this San Jose garage can be demolished and removed by our SERVPRO technicians. The sooner the removal, the less damage will continue, especially pungent odors that are both unpleasant and can corrode possessions.

damaged ceiling, broken, ceiling fan blade visible and water stains

East Foothills Water Damaged Ceiling

The apparent water leak above the ceiling needs to be stopped even as the sheetrock panels are removed. Then SERVPRO techs can dry out the affected area and prepare this East Foothills for the repair work.

ladder, air scrubber, poly sheeting

Alum Rock Mold Remediation Expertise

The trained SERVPRO crew can remediate the mold damage to this ALum Rock property without exacerbating the situation. By placing containment barriers of polypropylene sheets, and a HEPA air scrubber, we can isolate the treatment area and stop the circulation of mold spores to the structure's unaffected rooms.

cut out walls, plastic covering exposed opening

San Jose Office Water Damage

The controlled demolition reduces the amount of build back needed in this water damaged San Jose office. Our SERVPRO team can remove the water, dry the affected area, and even use poly sheeting to gain this goal.

Door open showing water and mud

Alum Rock Flooding

The muddy sludge and water at this entrance to a section of a Alum Rock house required professional cleanup from SERVPRO. Why? The debris was contaminated with chemicals and organic materials. Play it safe; get professional help.

fire caused damaged

Fire Damage In East Foothills

When it comes to your fire damaged East Foothills property, timing is crucial. We’re locally owned and operated. Our fast response will save your East Foothills property. SERVPRO of NE San Jose is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

mold growing on wall

Mold Damage In San Jose

Our specialists know a mold infestation can destroy your San Jose home within minutes. Our speedy response will lower restoration costs and limit further damage. SERVPRO of NE San Jose has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

two dehumidifiers drying out a bathroom

San Jose Water Damage Mitigation

The bathroom sprung a leak that soaked the walls, tile flooring, and cabinets. By quickly removing the pooling water and placing dehumidifiers our SERVPRO team prevented secondary damage to the interior. We are just a phone call away from helping our neighbors.

fire damaged kitchen

Fire Damage In San Jose

Our experts know a fire can destroy your San Jose home within minutes. Our speedy response will lower restoration costs and limit further damage. SERVPRO of NE San Jose has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

visible hole and water stain in restroom ceiling

Restroom Water Leak in San Jose

The pin-hole in the pex line soaked the corner of this restroom in a San Jose store, and the water damage was apparent. SERVPRO can stop the leak and removed the ceiling panel area before drying out the area--all without disrupting the customers.

bare studs and floor, dry, green equipment

San Jose Storm Demolition

The contaminated water from the flood meant that our SERVPRO crew had to remove the water along with the ruined drywall and flooring materials. The Photo shows the neat work as the green equipment is completing the drying process.

removed walls, showing plumbing by bathtub

San Jose Water Leak

A leak from the plumbing at this bathroom in a San Jose home resulted in a controlled demolition by our SERVPRO crew. We endeavor to minimize the deconstruction, as shown in the Photo. We sprayed the exposed framing with an antimicrobial to help stop mold from growing. We do it right!

flooding in home

Flood Damage Restoration In San Jose

When your San Jose home experiences significant flood damage, you can count on our crew! Our specialists will arrive quickly and begin our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment, we will restore your San Jose home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of NE San Jose is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO green service vehicles

A Fleet of Service Vehicles Serving San Jose

When any type of property damage hits local San Jose homes, SERVPRO is ready to assist in the restoration services. The techs bring every single item needed from start to finish on their green service vehicles including generators in cases where the power to the property is out.

Retail clothing store with SERVPRO drying equipment

San Jose Clothing Store Gets Lucky After Commercial Water Damage

This retail clothing store in San Jose had widespread commercial water damage. The business owner brought in SERVPRO to extract the moisture and dry the store. Fortunately, the clothing was able to remain in place and kept disruption to the organization to a minimum.

poly sheeting covering wood floor with equipment and tubing

Water Damage Mitigation in San Jose

Our highly skilled SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRT) have the training, skills, and equipment to mitigate this loss. Our customers greatly appreciate our efforts, using advanced methods like this "tenting" to reduce moisture and salvage an expensive hardwood floor. We can help.

blackened oak wood cabinets and an oven vent

Alum Rock Fire Damage

A grease fire in this Alum Rock kitchen was extinguished by an ABC fire extinguisher that was under the sink base cabinet. There was no structural damage, but our SERVPRO team can sand and refinish the wood cabinets and clean the back wall. We strive to restore and not replace fixtures and building elements whenever possible. We are available to help, 24/7.