Recent Before & After Photos

Basement Fire in San Jose

The charred beams and rafters in this San Jose basement show the blackened damage caused by an oil fire. SERVPRO strongly suggests to our neighbors to always st... READ MORE

San Jose "Waterfront" Real Estate Office

The water covering this wing of a real estate office in San Jose resulted from a separated coupling in a plumbing line. The clean water meant with rapid removal... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Ceiling

The water leak from the attic's plumbing slowly soaked the ceiling in this San Jose home. Immediate attention was not given to this water-damaging event until t... READ MORE

Water Mishap in a San Jose Convention Center

With just days before starting a large convention, this facility in San Jose suffered a main break. The immediate response to call SERVPRO for the water removal... READ MORE

San Jose Storm Cleanup

The flooding was not enormous but soaked the carpet and threatened the baseboards and walls in this San Jose home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster has meaning... READ MORE

Soot and Smoke Damage in San Jose

Most house fires in the San Jose area are quickly extinguished by savvy homeowners. SERVPRO recommends to always have several ABC fire extinguishers handy--unde... READ MORE

Gameroom Water Sports in San Jose?

The glossy look of the engineered wood flooring in this San Jose game room is the result of pooling water. When our SERVPRO techs arrive swiftly and remove this... READ MORE

Fire Damaged San Jose Kitchen

The Before Photo illustrates the extent of the fire-damage caused by a splattering frying pan in this San Jose home. SERVPRO advises all our neighbors never to ... READ MORE

San Jose Mold Damage Demolition

Our SERVPRO crew of trained AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians understand that demolition is often required for successful elimination of a mold inf... READ MORE

Conference Center and Water Damage in San Jose

Above the acoustical tiled drop ceiling in this San Jose conference center runs many infrastructure elements. HVAC ductwork, electrical lines, and pressurized w... READ MORE